Decentralized Messenging

Connect to your contacts using a server of your choice. Gajim works well with other chat clients and supports multiple accounts.

Stay Connected

Share pictures, videos, and files with friends and groups. User profiles, status updates, and chat history management included.

End-to-End Encryption

Chat securely using OMEMO, PGP, or OpenPGP.


Wikipedia and Wiktionary integration, automatic spell-checking, and much more via plugins.

Open Source

Gajim is free open-source software.


Available in 29 languages.

Gajim 1.2.0 Beta

First beta version of Gajim 1.2 has been released

It has been almost a year since the release of Gajim 1.1.3. A year of developing new features, cleaning up old code, and bug fixing. This month it is finally the time for a first beta release of Gajim 1.2. Highlights are (amongst others): improved group chat system, completely rewritten network code, and a new account creation assistant. But there is much more to discover. If you have suggestions on how this Beta can be improved, please let us know. Your feedback is welcome. [Read More]

Development News March 2020

Gajim development news

This is the third development news post this year, and it’s covering big changes. Starting with this month, the new connection code is available in Gajim’s master branch. It allows better connection handling in difficult network situations and significantly improves connection speed. Building on top of these changes, we’d like to introduce Gajim’s completely rewritten account creation wizard. This month also brings some fixes for voice/video calls, which are the first steps to make this feature available again in the future. [Read More]